Organic cosmetics

What are organic cosmetics? What is special about them?

There are several categories of cosmetic products: those that are “natural”, those that are “based on natural ingredients”, and those that are “organic”. Here are a few pointers to help you understand the differences and choose your cosmetics accordingly.


Organic cosmetics

The primary criterion in obtaining organic cosmetic certification is the proportion of natural ingredients in the final product. This must be at least 95% (not sure that this is a good argument for us. Or have I misunderstood?!). The second criterion relates to the proportion of those natural ingredients that are also organically produced. This must be at least 10%, but in some cases, all of the natural ingredients are organic. Thus, there is considerable room for manoeuvre with regard to this category of product.


Natural cosmetics

These products are easy to classify, as 100% of their ingredients must be natural. There must be no artificial additives. Zero. Nothing.


Product based on natural ingredients

This category follows on from the previous classification. In this category, up to 99.99% of the ingredients are natural. The majority of the ingredients must be of natural origin for a product to fall into this category.

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